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International Martial Arts Union (IMAU) – The Representation of Japan in Russia

Accreditation Certificate № 0002 based on the order of the Moscow Government № 149 - РЗП dated 1st February 1993

The official representative in Russia whose aim is to carry out training and award qualification in traditional and applied Japanese and Okinawian variants of fighting arts and to provide participation in intergovernmental festivals of traditional Japanese fighting arts.

The founder and President of the International Fighting Arts Union is professor Josef B. Linder, Doctor of Law, Soke / 10 Dan Jiu-jitsu, 9 Dan Kobudo.

Professor Linder is the founder of Jiu-jitsu and Kobudo in the former USSR and until 1993 was the permanent President of the Jiu-jitsu Federation of the USSR. Since 1991 he has been President of the International Martial Arts Union (IMAU) and European Director of the International Okinawian Union of Fighting Arts.

The school and the leading clubs are represented by trainers and international masters with the qualification of the 1st to the 8th Dan, who have substantial national and international experience and special higher academic education.

Our organisation makes it possible to acquire a wide range of fighting arts:

Jugo-Ryu / Toide
  • Jiu-jitsu
  • Kobudo
  • Karate
  • Aiki-jitsu
  • Iaido
  • Jodo
  • Tanto-jitsu
  • Hoju-jitsu
  • Kappo/Kuatsu
Polis-jitsu / Tayho-jitsu

One of the essential features of our school is that any master beginning with the 3-rd Dan has to develop his own individual style. Only on that condition can he acquire higher qualification. Beginning from the 2-nd Dan, the masters are supposed to demonstrate at the exam their own katas, which coincide with certain requirements to the level of techniques and energetics adopted by the school. These aspects are seldom paid much attention to by other schools. Our school is not only aimed at keeping the traditions worked out during centuries but it also has strong links with real life so that the art of fighting could not be confined to the technique of fighting. We constantly exchange experience with numerous foreign colleagues at various international seminars held in practically all the continents of the world. In particular, we have close contacts with the Japanese Institute for the Study and Development of Traditional Fighting Arts called “Nippon Budokan”.

We annually hold different seminars and championships in Russia and abroad with the participation of masters who represent various schools and directions in Jiu-jitsu, Karate, Thek-vando, Aiki-jitsu, etc. Since 2000 we have been holding competitions in Polis-jitsu for the representatives of institutions responsible for keeping law and order and masters considered to be professionals in these areas.

In Russia, we hold international competitions in two directions:

  • Competitions in traditional classical techniques of traditional fighting arts which are made up of katas with and without arms, releasing from capture, techniques against strikes with arms and legs, work with Jo, work with belt, work against knife. Competitions are intended for both grown-ups and children.
  • Competitions in irigumi-go – a traditional Okinawian full-contact variant of fighting. These competitions are held for various age groups, each age group being represented by people of 4 weight classes.
    All the winners are awarded prizes.

    The International Fighting Arts Union (IMAU) offers you the following:

  • training in traditional clubs;
  • training in clubs which specialise in contact types of fighting;
  • setting up IMAU departments on the basis of the clubs;
  • organising training courses and seminars in traditional fighting arts;
  • organising training courses and seminars in applied fighting arts;
  • certification in all types of fighting arts and variants of contact fighting;
  • certification by correspondence on the basis of video materials describing your individual programme of training in any type of fighting arts;
  • special programmes of training instructors abroad supported by the corresponding certification.

    We would be glad to receive all your invitations to participate in your seminars, courses and competitions.
    We would be glad to regard any proposal for cooperation in future.

    Russia, 125167, Moscow, P.O.Box 15 ICTTA
    Marina U. Pokidaeva — Cordinator of Training and Academic Programs, Master of Business Administration
    phone: +7 916 641-99-11
    E-mail: academy@ictta.ru, info@ictta.ru, training@ictta.ru, imau.sport@ictta.ru
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