Международная Контртеррористическая Тренинговая Ассоциация  
International Counter Terror Training Association
Die Internationale Konterterroristische Trainings-Assoziation
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I.B. Linder, President of the ICTTA
« You'we chosen the Way of pursuing and losses
Unaccomodated being and risk with no limit
You've certainly chosen the Way, be faithful, know
What keeps us alive, it's our trusting spirit
I.B. Linder
President of the ICTTA

The International Counter Terror Training Association (ICTTA) is international professional non-political organization carrying out its activity on territory 15 countries of the world. All representations and regional branches are accredited in accordance with the international regulations of the Hague convention dated 05.10.1961. They have the international and national licenses authorizing to execute special kinds of activity.

The basic activities are connected to the development and realization of special educational and training programs for state and public services of safety and protection. On the territory of all countries where ICTTA operates, special training centers and educational institutions have been established according to legislations of the appropriate countries for the full realization of our experience and methodology. ICTTA uses experience of both international and national organizations in lawful enforcement methods of work and provides for the specialized exclusive programs for each country and each department bearing in mind its specificity and also specificity of appropriate organization's activity.

We are ready for any forms of cooperation within the framework of our competence.

Russia, 125167, Moscow, P.O.Box 15 ICTTA
Marina U. Pokidaeva — Cordinator of Training and Academic Programs, Master of Business Administration
phone: +7 916 641-99-11
E-mail: academy@ictta.ru, info@ictta.ru, training@ictta.ru, imau.sport@ictta.ru
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